About Us

The Markfield Institute of Higher Education is a pioneering educational Institute at the forefront of Islamic studies in the UK. Since its inception in 2000, the Institute has developed an international reputation for expertise in Islamic studies, Islamic education, Muslim chaplaincy, and Islamic banking, finance and management.

The Institute’s mission is to contribute to the development of scholars who have a broader, deeper and critical understanding of Islam in the modern contemporary context. Such scholars would be better equipped to act as a bridge in developing understanding between Muslim communities and the Western societies they live in, and make positive contributions to addressing current and emerging challenges of contemporary societies.

The Institute is driven by its vision to become a world-class higher education and research Institute, specialising in the pursuit of Islamic disciplines. Its uniqueness is derived from the ability to integrate the richness and high standards of traditional Islamic scholarship with the best of contemporary research techniques, academic rigour and critical inquiry.

Set on a tranquil 9-acre site in Markfield, Leicestershire, the Institute offers a friendly and conducive environment for learning. The spacious campus houses one of the largest Islamic libraries in Europe, holding over 40,000 books and journals, and has a vibrant conference centre and residential facilities.

Since its establishment, the Institute has been keen to identify itself as a provider of outstanding higher education and successfully attained validation, originally from the University of Portsmouth followed by the University of Loughborough, then from the University of Gloucestershire and currently by Newman University. To date, more than 750 students have graduated from the Institute.

Our Academic Programmes

Our key focus is to promote quality higher education programmes and research in Islamic subjects that facilitate access to a range of career paths. Currently, the Institute offers the following academic programmes all validated by Newman University:

  • BA Islamic Studies
  • BA Islamic Studies with Arabic
  • BA Islamic Studies with Education
  • BA Islamic Studies with Pastoral Care
  • BA Islamic Finance and Accounting
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • MA Islam and Pastoral Care
  • MSc Islamic Economics, Finance and Management
  • MA Islamic Education
  • MA Islam and Sustainable Development

Students have also pursued research degree (PhD/MPhil) programmes at the Institute since 2000. However, the Institute is not currently recruiting new research degree students.

Our BA Islamic Studies course offers a pathway to Islamic scholars, who have completed the standard Alim (Islamic Scholars) course at Islamic seminaries, to gain a BA (Hons) qualification in two years. This qualification provides an opportunity for many scholars to pursue teaching qualifications and become teachers in mainstream schools and colleges, or other professional careers, or even to pursue higher education qualifications (such as Masters and PhD degrees).

In addition, we offer our own Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy course. This course has been running since 2003 and many students completing this course have found jobs as chaplains in universities, hospitals, prisons, and the Army. A number of bespoke executive and short courses in Islamic banking and finance, management and leadership, and community development are also offered.

The Institute’s alumni have gone on to pursue successful careers in a variety of fields on completion of their degrees.

The Institute is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It is funded through fees received from students, along with grants and donations made by charities, individuals, organisations, and well-wishers, who desire to assist this noble, rewarding and long-term development of teaching and research.

The Markfield Institute of Higher Education is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

Our Mission Statement

The Markfield Institute of Higher Education is committed to:

  • promoting an informed understanding of Islam, the Muslim world and Muslim communities through teaching, research and publications;
  • exercising critical judgment and self-discipline in acquiring and transmitting knowledge through guided learning in a research environment;
  • equipping students with the necessary skills to enable them to develop critical and analytical abilities underpinned with ethical values;
  • preparing students  to comprehend and respond to the contemporary challenges posed by modern, multi-cultural and pluralist societies both within and outside the Muslim communities;
  • contributing to the development of the local community through training and vocational education, seminars and lectures;
  • building bridges between faiths, cultures, and civilisations; and 
  • using its physical and human resources in the most efficient manner to fulfill these with a view to making the Institute a centre of academic excellence.