Dr Imran H K Suddahazai

Head of Islamic Education; Lecturer in Islamic Education


Dr Imran H K Suddahazai is head of the Education program at MIHE and a Visiting Associate Researcher at Lancaster University. After an academic hiatus that entailed senior leadership, management and coaching roles in diverse industries across the world, he completed his doctoral program in educational leadership under the supervision of Dr Sahin from the University of Gloucestershire and MIHE. 

Dr Imran has now returned to MIHE to develop and further the work of his predecessor and is focused on developing paradigms on educational thought, pedagogy and reasoning. This embraces the pragmatic dimensions of education from an Islamic worldview, as a propaedeutic science to understanding the role of God and Society in relation to the individual. Dr Imran's work also entails the exploration of human self-development models and ideals derived from classical perspectives, as well as contemporary paradigms.

Dr Imran’s particular focus is on examining the relationship between notions of pedagogy/leadership roles and the development of phenomena related to creativity and intuition. Methodologically, Imran is inclined to adopt frameworks and concepts, derived from ethnographic and pragmatic approaches, as he endeavours to blend the multifarious aspects of his knowledge and professional experience to deliver a critically reflective perspective on pedagogical methodology via his academic role and research interests.

Research Interests

Leadership and Methodology of Education