Dr Zahid Parvez



BSc, Chemical Engineering
MSc, Information Technology
PhD, E-democracy
Professional membership: FHEA CMgr MCMI


Dr. Zahid Parvez is the Rector of the Markfield Institute of Higher Education and the Head of Quality and Regulatory Compliance. Prior to joining the Institute, Dr Parvez was a Senior Lecturer in Information Management at the University of Wolverhampton Business School for 20 years.  He also served as an external examiner at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Hertfordshire University, and also Staffordshire University (for Oman delivery).

Research Interests

Dr. Parvez has authored various papers published in international journals on e-democracy and problem-solving from an Islamic Perspective. He has also written a book entitled, “Building a New Society: An Islamic Approach to Social Change, Revival Publications. His research interests include understanding the social and political impacts of the information revolution, and sustainable development (social sustainability). In particular, he is interested in applying Giddens Structuration Theory to develop insights into how social practices are changing as a result of the increasing application of the new information and communications technologies in social and political life.

Dr. Parvez's teaching areas include sustainable development, change management, research methods, information management, strategy, International management and globalization, cross-cultural management, e-business management, and operations management (including project management, sustainability and CSR, and supply chain management).



Journal Papers

Parvez, Z. (2008) ‘Agency Factors in E-Democracy: Perspective of Elected Members’, International Journal of Electronic Government Research

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Parvez, Z. (2006) ‘Examining e-Democracy Through A Double Structuration Loop’, Electronic Government, vol. 3, no. 3, pp.329–346.

Parvez, Z. (2006) ‘Informatization of Local Democracy: A Structuration Perspective’, Information Polity, vol.11, no. 1, pp. 67-83


Building a New Society: An Islamic Approach to Social Change, Revival Publications.

Other Publications

Parvez., Z., (2020), Social Sustainability in Face of the Coonavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: A Framework to develop contingency plans with a human side. Markfield Institute of Higher Education

Parvez., Z., (2020) Religious and Cultural Pluralism, and the Culture of Tolerance for Social Sustainability. The Muslim World League (MWL) Conference on the theme “Initiatives to Protect Young People against Extremist and Violent Ideas: Implementation Mechanisms, held in Geneva at the United Nations Headquarters on 18-19 February 2020.

Parvez, Z. (2020), Addressing the roots of our sustainability crises. Markfield Institute of Higher Education

Parvez, Z., and Worrall, L., ‘Improving Our Understanding of How ICT is Employed in Corporate Boards’, International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics.

Parvez, Z (2014) Leadership Challenges in Islamic Banking and Finance, Global Islamic Finance Report 2014, EdBiz Consulting: London

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Parvez, Z. (2000) Building a New Society: An Islamic Approach to Social Change, Revival Publications: Markfield, June 2000