Public lecture on Islamic Education Reconsidered: Towards a Defensible Understanding of Cosmopolitanism, by Professor Yusef Waghid

Between 2 pm - 3 pm

Professor Yusef Waghid is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Education, Department of Education Policy Studies, Stellenbosch University, and has held management positions including Director, Chair, Dean and Acting Dean. He holds three doctorates in the philosophy of education, education policy studies, and philosophy. His research foci include: analytical philosophy of education within the genres of democratic citizenship education, African philosophy of education, higher education transformation, and religious education and ethics. He is the chief editor of the South African Journal of Higher Education, and principal editor of the internationally acclaimed journal, Citizenship Teaching and Learning. His publications include: (2019) Towards a Philosophy of Caring in Higher Education: Pedagogy and Nuances of Care (New York: Palgrave-MacMillan); (2018) Teaching and Learning as a Pedagogic Pilgrimage: Cultivating Faith, Hope and Wonder (London: Routledge) (with Nuraan Davids); (2011) Conceptions of Islamic Education: Pedagogical Framings (New York: Peter Lang).