Role of Civil Society in Development by Neil Jameson

On Thursday 26th April 2018 between 11.30 - 1pm, Neil Jameson CBE, Citizens UK Founder and Executive Director, will be delivering a session on the role of civil society in development. He brings with him over 30 years of experience in providing leadership to UK civil society institutions in addressing a range of issues affecting local communities.

In his 30 years of service to broad based community organising, Neil has played a central part in establishing the nation’s largest, most diverse and most powerful civil society alliance, representing over half a million people across England and Wales.

He founded the charity, now known as Citizens UK, in 1989. Citizens UK now has a membership network of over 350 institutions, drawn from different faith and educational establishments, trade unions and voluntary associations - all working together at a local and national level to win change for the common good.

Citizens UK is known for creating the Living Wage campaign in 2001 and is also widely hailed for its social justice work relating to issues such as housing, crime prevention, the cost of borrowing, immigration, hate crime, unemployment, mental health and social care. Over three decades, under Neil’s leadership, Citizens UK has had countless wins attributed to campaigning work which has resulted in improving the lives of thousands of citizens.