Professor John Presley

Visiting Professor and member of the Academic Board of MIHE


Emeritus Professor of Economics


John Presley was formerly Professor of Economics and Head of the Economics Department (1991-1996) at Loughborough University. He is a member and former member of several Government and semi-government committees relating to the Middle East and Arab Gulf and has been adviser to the Saudi Arabian Government, World Bank, IMF (et al.) in recent years. His research interests include Islamic and Middle East economics. He founded The Saudi Arabian Business Information and Economic Research Centre (SABIERC) in 1994 which advices campanies on business matters in the Arab Gulf. He has published numerous academic journals papers, authored and edited over 15 books on Middle East and Islamic Economics and Banking, is on the editorial board of seven academic journals relating to Middle East and Islamic Studies and is adviser/assessor to several Middle East/Asian universities. John was awarded the Islamic Development Prize in Islamic Finance in 2002 for his contribution to the development of Islamic Economics and Finance.

John is a Visiting Professor and member of the Academic Board of MIHE