Dr Haroon Bashir

Lecturer in Islamic Studies; Course Leader for BA & MA Islamic Studies


BA, Arabic and Islamic Studies M.St, Study of Religion PhD, Islamic Studies


Dr Haroon Bashir is a lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. Dr Bashir originally received a BA in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds (I). Upon completion of his BA, he read an M.St in the Study of Religion at the University of Oxford (Dist.). Following this, he returned to the University of Leeds to complete his PhD, having been awarded a fully funded studentship by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH). His doctoral research focuses on discourses pertaining to slavery, race, and emancipation within the exegetical and legal traditions of Islam.

Research Interests

· Islam & ‘Modernity’

· Islam, Race & Slavery

· Islamic Revivalism and Reform; Political Islam; Islamism

· Orientalism and the Study of Islam

· Islamic law

· Liberation Theology

· Quranic Hermeneutics

· Decoloniality and Critical Muslim Studies


Bashir, Haroon. Black Excellence and the Curse of Ham: Debating Race and Slavery in the Islamic Tradition. ReOrient: Journal of Critical Muslim Studies. 5 (1), 92-116.