Justice and Suffering Seminar

Justice and Suffering Seminar

This seminar was sponsored by the Edith Murphy Foundation and invited perspectives from Jewish, Islamic, Christian and Secularist backgrounds including chaplains, clergy/imams and academics on the issue of justice and suffering. 

The aim was to discuss the issues of justice and suffering that they may have thought about, encountered sufferers or even experienced over the years. 

The brief included a scenario of a man having lost his entire family in a house fire a month earlier. He was the only survivor and subsequently suffered in various ways such as psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually - questioning his faith in God and searching for ways to make sense of his existence. [See Appendix A]. 

The conference included presentations from Jewish, Islamic, Christian and Humanist perspectives followed by discussions groups which focused on four main themes - natural disasters, victims of crime and cruelty, illness and disability and institutional injustice.

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