MA in Islam and Sustainable Development

This unique programme, developed by the Markfield Institute of Higher Education and validated by Newman University, responds to the emerging sustainable development agenda, which has become a key policy determinant in many societies.

MEd in Islamic Education: New Perspectives

This programme engages students in a critical and in-depth examination of the historical, theological and philosophical aspects of both classical and modern Muslim educational thought and institutions.

MA in Islam, Pastoral Care and Counselling

The MA in Islam, Pastoral Care and Counselling programme critically explores theological and practical issues related to Muslim chaplaincy. The course will provide students with a critical understanding of the background of pastoral care in Islam and its history and encourage them to reflect theologically on the demands Islam places on the concept of Khidmah (service). The programme includes a range of optional modules that prepare students to contextualise their studies while addressing contemporary pastoral care challenges.

MA in Islamic Studies

The MA Islamic Studies programme employs a critical and analytical approach to the study of Islam and contemporary Muslim society. The course examines the sources and origins of Islamic thought and practice, in particular the Qur'an and Sunnah, together with a knowledge and understanding of the life of the Prophet Muhammad and its contemporary significance. In addition, it offers a wide range of optional modules that will prepare students to contextualise Islamic Studies and be able to critically analyse contemporary debates and issues concerning Islam and Muslims.

MA in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management

The Islamic Banking, Finance and Management programme aims to provide students with a critical understanding of Islamic economics, banking and finance. It examines classical Islamic commercial law as well as conventional financial and economic theory, as part of the global financial system. The course will develop research capabilities and critical insights into the theory and practice of the Islamic financial sector. It contextualises Islamic principles within a contemporary financial setting.