Research Methodology


Dr Zahid Parvez


The module aims to introduce students to the philosophy and the theories of social sciences.

The main aim of the course is to examine extensively research strategies, research design, various research methodologies with particular reference to both qualitative and quantitative research methods. 

The course aims to highlight various types of research methods but will principally focus on discourse analysis, content analysis, observation methods and survey methods. Among the survey methods, interviews and e-mail/postal questionnaires will be examined.


Assessment Methods

Component 1:  60% Coursework: Research Proposal (2,500 x words which may form the basis for the MF7 400 Dissertation).

Component 2:  40% Coursework: Critical Review of 2 x Research Articles (1000 x words each)

Component 1: 40% Critical Review of a Research Article (2000 words)
Component 2: 60% Research Proposal (3000 words) which may for the basis for the Dissertation