Strategy, Change and Leadership


Dr Zahid Parvez
Available only to students holding an undergraduate degree; alternatively Accredited Prior Learning (APL) can be considered for this module subject to approval bu MIHE's academic management committee.

Future managers need to have a critical understanding of a range of approaches for managing strategic change effectively to achieve business efficiency and competitive advantage. This module provides critical understanding of the concepts, models and approaches for the effective management of strategic change.  It explores drivers and challenges of strategic change in the global context and approaches for implementing strategic change and leadership skills required in this process. It places an emphasis on the importance of adhering to ethical leadership frameworks in managing change, drawing on conventional and Islamic leadership frameworks. The indicative content of the module are the following: defining strategic change and the nature of strategic decision making; analysing the context of strategic change; strategic choices in the global context; the role of strategic change leadership, leading and managing evolutionary and revolutionary change; development of strategic entrepreneurship and creating an innovation culture, approaches to organisational change; tools for change management, change management models; dealing with change resistance.


Assessment Methods

Assessment: 100% A business report (c. 5,000 words) presenting a critical appraisal of strategic change management case/scenarios, highlighting  implications for the organisation, its culture and structure, and proposing appropriate and ethical leadership approaches to manage the desired change effectively. The change management case/scenario could be (but not limited to): downsizing, merger, restructuring, rapid expansion (size, business activities), introduction of team working, introduction of new technology, major changes in work design and major organisation development interventions. Students should demonstrate their understanding of the application of the concepts, models and frameworks of strategic management, change management and leadership.