International Management


Dr Zahid Parvez
Available only to students holding an undergraduate degree; alternatively Accredited Prior Learning (APL) can be considered for this module subject to approval bu MIHE's academic management committee.

The module is aimed at advancing student's understanding of the challenges and issues of managing in a global economy. It provides a critical understanding of management, international management, globalisation, and the impact of cultural variations on management issues. It also considers cross-cultural management styles including the principles of organisational behaviour and work motivation from an Islamic perspective. The underlying theory behind different types of management styles, structures and processes in determining best managerial practices is introduced to enable students to critically understand the consequences of ineffective and/or irresponsible management in contemporary organisations. The indicative content of the module are the following: history of management development, strategic management in a changing international environment, cross-cultural management and cultural impact on management and decision making, negotiation across cultures, principles of management in Islam and Islamic management styles.


Assessment Methods

Assessment: A business report (c. 5,000 words) presenting a critical analysis of international management and cross-cultural problems/scenarios and offering appropriate and practical recommendations for improving management practice. Students should demonstrate their understanding of the application of the theories of international management, cross-cultural management and Islamic perspectives. All learning outcomes will be covered