Islamic Leadership in a globalised world

Dr Zahid Parvez, Principal of the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, attended the 3rd Islamic Finance Leadership Programme (IFLP) at Clare College, University of Cambridge, on Tuesday 15th August 2017. The event was organised by Dr Humayon Dar and his company (who is also a visiting Professor at the Markfield Institute).

In his presentation, Dr Parvez, explained the key differences between conventional and Islamic understandings of leadership. In addition to the commonly recognised traits of leadership, he explained that the Islamic leaders are unique due to their possessing three characteristics. They are:

• God oriented – seeking pleasure of God
• Value oriented, and
• Akhirah oriented – that is, assesses the long-term consequences of present actions and strategies – the implications of present actions on long-term benefits/harms (e.g. on sustainability, justice, human well-being, etc.)

He also highlighted the key drivers and theories of globalisation that could help us to make sense of the rapid contemporary changes we are witnessing and the challenges these changes pose for future leadership.