Dr. Rahmanara Chowdhury
Course Leader for BA and MA Islam and Pastoral Care


Dr Rahmanara Chowdhury is a Chartered Psychologist and Course Lead for Islam and Pastoral Care at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. Her previous roles include Counselling Tutor at Coventry University College and Research Associate with the Sexual Offences Crimes and Misconduct Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University. Prior to this Dr Rahmanara engaged in practitioner work with victims of domestic violence and abuse including in a counselling and project management capacity. She further has extensive experience of working in widening participation within Higher Education and teaching in FE. Dr Chowdhury is the Head of the newly formed MIHE Centre for the Study of Wellbeing which aims to showcase grassroots expertise in holistic wellbeing.

Professional membership:

Member of the British Psychological Association

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority

Associate Fellow of the International Association for Islamic Psychology


PhD Social Sciences - Brunel University London (ESRC Funded)

MSc Psychology - Nottingham Trent University

BSC Ergonomics - Loughborough University

Research interests

Research Interests

Domestic violence and abuse

Spiritual abuse

Forensic mental health


Holistic wellbeing


Chowdhury, R., & Winder, B. (2022). A Web Model of Domestic Violence and Abuse in Muslim Communities—A Multi Perspective IPA ApproachSocial Sciences11(8). 354. https://www.mdpi.com/2076-0760/11/8/354

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Chowdhury, R., Winder, B., Blagden, N., & Mulla, F. (2021). “I thought in order to get to God I had to win their approval”: a qualitative analysis of the experiences of Muslim victims abused by religious authority figures. Journalof sexual aggression28(2), 196-217.  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13552600.2021.1943023

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Conferences & Public Lectures

Chowdhury, R. Domestic Violence and Abuse in UK Muslim Communities: Web model of DVA - A Multi perspective IPA Approach. Conference Presentation - 'Domestic Violence-Gender-Faith: Promoting integrated and decolonial approaches to domestic violence cross-culturally' co-organised by Project dldl/ድልድል and EMIRTA Research, Training and Development Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 11-12November 2022.

Chowdhury, R. Domestic Violence and Abuse in UK Muslim Communities: Web model of DVA - A Multi-perspective IPA Approach. Conference Presentation – British Muslim Studies at 50, Cardiff University. Cardiff. September 2022.  

Chowdhury, R. Pastoral Care needs of Looked-after Children. Keynote Speaker, My Foster Family Group Roundtable, April 2022.

Chowdhury, R. Domestic Violence and Abuse in UK Muslim communities: Communities as Powerful Agents of Change. Spirit Research Group Seminar, Nottingham Trent University. March 2022.

Chowdhury, R. Collaborative Approaches to mental health care; the intersection of Chaplaincy with Psychological Services. 14nnual Muslim Mental Health Conference, US. March 2022.

Chowdhury, R. Reflections of a Muslim Female Academic. The Madrasah and the Modern Academy, Markfield Institute of Higher Education, December 2021.

Chowdhury,R., & Mulla, F. Barriers to Reporting Abuse within Muslim Faith Institutions, Global Faith and Child Safeguarding Summit, Nov 2021.

Chowdhury,R., Mulla, F., Winder, B., Blagden, N., (2021). ‘Impact of abuse by Imams/ Religious Teachers on Muslim Individuals’. Spiritual Abuse: Coercive Control in Religions. University of Chester. 03 September 2021.

Chowdhury,R., Domestic Violence and Abuse in theUK Muslim Population. Online Training Presentation for MET Police London DI’s, 05 August 2021.

Publication Material

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