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In order for communities to grow and develop, erudite scholarship and knowledge production are key factors. The Markfield Institute has been committed to education and knowledge production for the last 20 years. Over 1,500 students have graduated from our BA, MA and PhD programmes to date. Our graduates have progressed into a range of important areas where the application of Islamic scholarship can make an impact including pastoral care and counselling, running effective Islamic centres and mosques, Islamic economics and finance, education, relief and poverty alleviation programmes.

If you support this work and would like to see the institute continue to grow, please consider donating to:

1. Scholarships and Hardship funds

Scholarships: Our target is to offer 20 scholarships to outstanding students to help them gain their qualifications and go on to play leading roles in the community and society.

Hardship funds: Many of our students need urgent financial support in order to continue with their studies. Your donations will help many students to complete their degree programmes and progress to playing constructive roles in our community.

2. Enhance our online resources

Donate to help us build our online learning resources (Ebooks and academic papers) so that students can have access to a wide range of academic sources and cutting-edge research to support their studies.

3. Upgrading learning facilities

To ensure students have access to quality teaching and learning facilities, your donations will help us to upgrade and extend our current facilities, classroom, IT, furnishing and accommodation, to meet our growing needs.

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Excellent Student Experience

Yeamin Arafat
MA Islamic Studies
5 review stars in golden color
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Markfield Institute. The institute successfully combined the traditional aspects of Islam with modern academia... One would definitely, without any doubt, benefit from any of the courses that the Markfield Institute has to offer.
Syed Asad Ali
MA Islam and Pastoral Care
5 review stars in golden color
Markfield really helped me in my studies and my work because it connected me with experienced lecturers.... There is an immense amount of benefit that people from a range of different backgrounds can derive from the institute.
Hashim Umar Ali
BA Islamic Studies and Arabic
5 review stars in golden color
Markfield Institute provides you the ability to critically look and investigate at the Islamic Sciences and Islamic Legal Scriptures and the Islamic Hadith Scriptures to get a critical understanding and apply it to the modern.
Saima Khan
MA Islamic Education
5 review stars in golden color
I found that MIHE is just the right place because they are so accommodating not only the teachers, the office staff but the students as well. Everyone is quite supportive and this is the best place to study.
Ramat Salako
MA Islamic and Pastoral Care
5 review stars in golden color
Coming to a place where you can have the opportunity to learn about your religion without any form of bias, I think this is amazing and wonderful.
Kawsar Ahmad
MA Islamic Studies
5 review stars in golden color
Markfield helps you understand western thought and as an Imam you are are able to explain that to your congregation also. Alhamdulillah, it will help you and it will help the people in front of you who are understanding the context in which we live.