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We are committed to promoting excellence in teaching, research and training through creating the best learner-centred environment for all our students and provide a rounded quality education that maximises learners’ career opportunities.
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Over 20 years’ experience in developing scholars in a contemporary context

Recognition is growing that Islamic Studies is a subject of strategic importance both within a global context and in modern Britain. Markfield Institute is at the heart of this important juncture possessing over 20 years’ experience of developing scholars who embody a broader, deeper and critical understanding of Islam in a contemporary context. Markfield Institute combines a range of academic perspectives to bring together scholars and students. The institute offers at both undergraduate and postgraduate level courses that deliver the traditional subjects expected from a comprehensive Islamic Studies degree programme which also explores current intellectual scholarship.

Set on a tranquil 9-acre site in Markfield, Leicestershire, the Institute offers a homely environment.  Providing welcoming, friendly surroundings conducive to study incorporating the comforts of home, the main campus includes one of the largest Islamic libraries in Europe, holding over 40,000 books and journals. Take advantage of your time at Markfield Institute by drawing on the experienced tutors and a variety of lecturers, each of whom are experts in their fields. Tuition involves lectures, small-group seminars and tutorials where students can discuss and access individual study support. Emphasis is placed on independent learning allowing time to build your research skills and critical capacities. Pastoral support is available throughout the course, where required.

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Excellent Student Experience

Yeamin Arafat
MA Islamic Studies
5 review stars in golden color
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Markfield Institute. The institute successfully combined the traditional aspects of Islam with modern academia... One would definitely, without any doubt, benefit from any of the courses that the Markfield Institute has to offer.
Syed Asad Ali
MA Islam and Pastoral Care
5 review stars in golden color
Markfield really helped me in my studies and my work because it connected me with experienced lecturers.... There is an immense amount of benefit that people from a range of different backgrounds can derive from the institute.
Hashim Umar Ali
BA Islamic Studies and Arabic
5 review stars in golden color
Markfield Institute provides you the ability to critically look and investigate at the Islamic Sciences and Islamic Legal Scriptures and the Islamic Hadith Scriptures to get a critical understanding and apply it to the modern.
Saima Khan
MA Islamic Education
5 review stars in golden color
I found that MIHE is just the right place because they are so accommodating not only the teachers, the office staff but the students as well. Everyone is quite supportive and this is the best place to study.
Ramat Salako
MA Islamic and Pastoral Care
5 review stars in golden color
Coming to a place where you can have the opportunity to learn about your religion without any form of bias, I think this is amazing and wonderful.
Kawsar Ahmad
MA Islamic Studies
5 review stars in golden color
Markfield helps you understand western thought and as an Imam you are are able to explain that to your congregation also. Alhamdulillah, it will help you and it will help the people in front of you who are understanding the context in which we live.

One of the largest libraries of Islamic resources in Europe

Students and staff of the Institute benefit from the on site library which contains over 40,000 books, 420 serials with 85 current journals. They also have access to a large selection of online resources. In addition, students are able to use University of Leicester Library and De Montfort University Library for reference purposes.
Markfield Library