History and Mission

The Institute was founded in year 2000 with a mission to contribute to the development of scholars who can promote an informed understanding of Islam in the modern contemporary context.
Markfield Campus

Promoting excellence in teaching, research and training through creating the best learner-centred environment.

We specialise in Islamic economics and finance, Islamic studies, Islamic education, Islam and sustainable development and Muslim chaplaincy. We are committed to promoting excellence in teaching, research and training through creating the best learner-centred environment for all our students and provide a rounded quality education that maximises learners’ career opportunities.

Students benefit by obtaining recognised higher education qualifications and learn to develop their scholarship so that they become pivotal leaders in their communities and society. The academic programmes are designed to train students in learning to learn through developing advanced academic and independent learning skills. Students are provided not only subject expertise but a range of academic skills that help in grounding views on sound knowledge, analysing issues critically and in a balanced manner, and enabling them to apply knowledge and contribute creatively and positively to the economic and social development of society. We believe that such scholars would be better equipped to act as a bridge in developing understanding between Muslim communities and the Western societies they live in, and make positive contributions to addressing current and emerging challenges of contemporary societies.

We are committed to

Promoting an informed understanding of Islam, the Muslim world and Muslim communities through teaching, research and publications
Exercising critical judgment and self-discipline in acquiring and transmitting knowledge through guided learning in a research environment
Equipping students with the necessary skills to enable them to develop critical and analytical abilities underpinned with ethical values
Preparing students  to comprehend and respond to the contemporary challenges posed by modern, multi-cultural and pluralist societies both within and outside the Muslim communities
Contributing to the development of the local community through training and vocational education, seminars and lectures
Building bridges between faiths, cultures, and civilisations
Cheerful university students sitting in the classroom
Dr. Zahid Parvez
Rector of the Markfield Institute

Message from the Rector

In 2021, the Markfield Institute of Higher Education celebrated 20 years of delivering higher education programmes and contributing to research in a range of Islamic subject areas. We opened in September 2000 with our first intake on a Masters course and a PhD programme validated by the University of Portsmouth. With this humble beginning, our work gradually progressed over the years to offer an increasing number of pioneering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes validated by different universities including Loughborough University, University of Gloucestershire and Newman University.

Today, the Institute offers five unique undergraduate and five postgraduate programmes at three campuses in the UK (Markfield, Birmingham and London) and it holds a distinctive place within the UK higher education sector. To date over 1,500 students have graduated from our Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy course, and our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which includes 33 PhDs.
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