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Find out more information on our international fees and funding in this section, together with advice international students.
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Entry requirements

This section provides details on the entry requirements, documents required for a CAS to be issued, financial requirements and the other basic details for overseas applicants. Overseas applicants must comply with all UKVI requirements.

English Language Proficiency: 
Overseas applicants are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English. MIHE adheres to the Home Office approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) as evidence of English language ability. Applicants must take the IELTS B2 Level Academic English language Test from a UKVI approved Test Centre in their home country. They must achieve the required scores on their IELTS test (see below for details),irrespective of whether they hold other qualifications in the English language. An IELTS Academic English language test that is not from a UKVI approved test centre will not be accepted. For a list of UKVI approved test centres please use the following link: UKVI approved test centres. 
Please note that MIHE cannot accept any other documents such as school letters or references as proof of English proficiency nor the General English IELTS test results - we can only accept the results from IELTS Academic Test from a UKVI approved test centre.
Applicants are also assessed on the basis of their academic performance. Mature applicants or applicants who do not hold conventional Level 6qualifications may be considered on the basis of their professional qualifications and/or professional experience in accordance with the Institute’s Recognition of Prior Learning policy. Such candidates may be admitted through the Institute’s Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)procedures. Postgraduate students who hold additional qualifications in cognate areas or possess considerable professional experience may be offered exemptions up to a maximum of 80 level 7 credits via the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

How to apply

If you wish to join any of our programmes, please complete all sections of the online application form, including details of your academic qualifications and immigration history. Outline your motivation for applying for your chosen course.

Once you complete all sections of the application form, then attach the requested documents and click the submit button on the portal to send your application electronically.

If you encounter any issues in submitting your documents, email them to
Documents required to process your application:
  • Completed Application Form
    Copy of your current valid passport and details of any Immigration history to the UK (details of previous visas and visa refusals)
  • UKVI IELTS for Academic English test results from a UKVI approved test centre
  • Copies of academic qualifications gained to date, and also a copy of UK NARIC Statement of Comparability for your highest level of qualification
  • Financial requirements: You must have enough money to pay for your course fees and your living costs, known as the maintenance or financial requirement. You are normally required to submit financial documents to show that you meet the financial requirement. 

    Tuition fees: You must have enough money to pay for the course fees for the first year of your course. 

    Living expenses (maintenance costs): You must also show that you have enough money in your bank account for your living expenses while in the UK. The UKVI specifies that those taking courses outside London will need £1,023 for each month of your course, and up to £9,207 for a course lasting nine months or more. You need to show on your bank statement that you held this money in your bank account for at least 28 consecutive days before a CAS can be issued. The end date of the 28-day period (on your bank statement) must be within 31days of the date you apply for your visa. Applicants from certain countries do not need to prove they have enough money to support themselves – e.g. if you’re a British national overseas or from one of the UK Government’s listed countries or territories: see for the list of the countries here:
PLEASE NOTE: As Markfield Institute is a private HE organisation, overseas students are not eligible to work in the UK during the period of their study or after the completion of their studies. They are also not permitted to bring any of their dependents while in the UK for their studies. In addition, international applicants are not permitted to study on a part-time basis.

Also note: overseas students can only study at the Markfield Campus.


Self-catering accommodation may be available on the main Markfield campus with separate quarters for men and women.  Due to a limited number of rooms, allocations are made on a first come first served basis. The Institute does not provide this accommodation directly. Accommodation facilities are provided on  campus by the Markfield Conference Centre. Please contact the Centre Manager for further information or bookings: By email: phone: + (44) 1530 244944 Ext 201. Alternatively, students can find their own accommodation in Markfield, or nearby in Leicester and Loughborough. Prices vary depending on the location and the condition of the accommodation.

Fees and funding for Overseas students

Undergraduate programmes
Full-time course per annum. Studying at the Markfield campus.
Postgraduate programmes
Full-time course per annum. Studying at the Markfield campus.
What is included? The fees include: registration, tuition, examination/assessment marking and graduation. It excludes: study materials, re-examination, residential accommodation, meals, travel, graduation robes and photographs. Please  note that the tuition fees listed above cover ONE YEAR of study. Those on undergraduate programmes that last more than one year need to pay the above tuition fees foreach year of study.

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