June 14, 2023

Muslim World Book Award

Muslim World Book Award

The Muslim World Book Review was launched in 1980 and has been publishing quarterly issues since. To commemorate over 40 years of continuous publication, the Muslim World Book Review, alongside Kube Publishing and the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, have collaboratively launched the Muslim World Book Award.

The Muslim World Book Award celebrates excellence in academic scholarship and research through conferring an award to recognise an outstanding academic book published in the English language within the broad field of Islamic Studies/study of the Muslim World.

The award includes a cash prize of £1000.

The book will be selected by our expert panel, who will make their selection according to the following criteria:

1) Contribution to a deeper understanding of the Islamic tradition/Muslim world;

2) Originality;

3) Erudition and scholarly acumen;

4) Published in the last three years;


If you would like to suggest a book, please provide a short overview detailing why the book should be considered and how it meets the aforementioned criteria (500 words max).

To suggest a book for the panel to consider, please email: awards@mihe.ac.uk

Please note the deadline for suggestions is the 5thof September 2023. No books published after this date will be considered for the MWBA 2023.