Dr. Haroon Bashir
Head of Research


Dr Haroon Bashir is the Head of Research, Course Leader for MA Islamic Studies & Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education. He completed his Ph.D in Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds. His research, funded by the White Rose College of Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH), focused on discourses pertaining to slavery, race, and emancipation within the exegetical and legal traditions of Islam. Prior to this, Dr Bashir read an M.St in the Study of Religion (Dist.) at the University of Oxford and received his B.A in Arabic. & Islamic Studies (I) from the University of Leeds.


B.A Arabic. & Islamic Studies
M.St Study of Religion
Ph.D in Islamic Studies

Research interests

  • Contemporary Islamic Thought
  • Slavery, Race and Emancipation in Islamicate Contexts
  • Islamic Liberation Theology
  • Interfaith Solidarities


Bashir, Haroon (2019) Black Excellence and the Curse of Ham: Debating Race and Slavery in the Islamic Tradition. ReOrient: Journal of Critical Muslim Studies. 5 (1),92-116.

Bashir, Haroon (2021) Reading the Past, Writing the Future: Scholarship as Worldmaking. MWBR. 42 (1), 6-17.

Bashir, Haroon (2023) Islam and the Emancipatory Ethic: Islamic Law, Liberation Theology and Prison Abolition. Religions. 14(9) 1083.

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Virtues of the Habasha: Exploring Blackness in Islamicate Texts’ in Routledge Handbook on Islam and Race, ed by. Zain Abdullah (London: Routledge) (Forthcoming 2024)

Conferences & Public Lectures

Bashir, Haroon. 'The Forgotten Ummah: Towards a New Cartography of the Muslim World', 1st International Critical Muslim Studies Conference, University of Leeds.

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Towards a Zakat of Liberation? The Horizons of Islamic Liberation Theology’, Islamic-Theological Studies Between Systematic and Practical Research, University of Fribourg. 

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Recovering Narratives of Resistance’, Challenging Islamophobia: Strategies for Change, MIHE; University of Leeds; De Montfort University. 

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Black Excellence and the Curse of Ham’, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Seminars, University of Edinburgh. 

Bashir, Haroon & Aijazi, Omer. ‘Navigating Islam in the Academy’, “War on Terror”: Complexity, Reflexivity and Decolonising Methodologies, University of Edinburgh. 

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Reading Race in the Islamicate Past’ al-Mahdi Research Papers, al-Mahdi Institute. 

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Reading Criticality Critically’, International Series on Islamic EducationMarkfield Institute. 

Bashir, Haroon. ‘Islam and the Emancipatory Ethic’, Markfield Public Lecture Series, Markfield Institute. 

Bashir, Haroon. ‘‘Divine Subjectivism, Ethical Objectivism and the Search for Divine Justice’, Divine (In)Justice in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Medieval Ancient Research Centre, University of Sheffield.