Dr Haroon Bashir invited to Zurich

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June 27, 2022
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Dr Haroon Bashir was invited by the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society (University of Fribourg) to present on contemporary understandings of Zakat.

In his presentation, Dr Haroon explored how understandings of zakat can be contextualised to better mitigate against the desperate realities of poverty, marginalization and abuse numerous communities are currently experiencing globally.

The conference also saw contributions from eminent scholars, such as Prof Mark Sedgewick (University of Aarhus), Prof Ingrid Mattson (Huron University), Prof David Vishanoff (Oklahoma University, among others.

For more on the programme: On the Future of a Young Discipline: Islamic-theological Studies between Systematic and Practical Research | Agenda | Department of Psychology | University of Fribourg (unifr.ch)



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